"Yo, dawg! Check out my dope glass beads, dawg!"
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Can someone tell me who makes the bracelets that American Idol judge Randy Jackson occasionally wears? More specifically, the glass beaded ones?

I'm not a huge fan of the show, but I've got a friend who is. This friend is notoriously hard to buy for, as he has the means to basically buy what he wants, when he wants it. This is fun when you're hanging out over at his house, but makes gift giving an activity thats next to impossible.

Last night, while watching the show with him, he made mention that he really likes the glass beaded bracelets that Randy wears on occasion. Does anyone know who makes these? Even if they're one of a kind, or extremely expensive, that doesn't matter - I would really like to get him one of these, as its a rare opportunity to get him something he wants before he goes and buys it for himself.

I tried to find a picture of Mr. Jackson wearing on on Google, but failed miserably. If you watch the show (or have a DVR copy), grab a look at his right wrist; it was pink and white last night, but I've seen other colors in the past.

Thanks in advance.
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Could it be these relief beads? Googling says he has purchased them.
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Response by poster: Some of the earlier ones might have been, and that's a good start. I'm looking more for the glass ones - they look a lot more ordered (and color coordinated) than these.
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Best answer: A google search lead me to this (comments), which lead me to she beads.
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* LED, not lead. How did I make the same mistake twice?
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Response by poster: I think we have a partial winner with the She Beads - but the ones I saw him wearing last night had the appearance of glass. If I can't find any glass ones, those will do. Thanks, everyone.
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For what it's worth Sandy at She Beads is amazing and her designs are beautiful. I had the opportunity to meet her a year or so ago in Atlanta and she is very delightful and talented. I have one of her lovely bracelets and receive compliments every time I wear it.
I thought I had noticed her artistry on Randy's wrist a few weeks ago.
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Best answer: Venetian or Murano Beads?

Anything like these?
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Response by poster: The Venetian beads are exactly what I was thinking. I guess now all I need to do is keep googling "Venetian Beads Randy Jackson" for a while. I'm sure it'll shake something out.

Thanks, everyone!
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Bracelets are very easy to make. If you check on sites like Fire Mountain Gems (look for foil-lined round glass beads), you can buy a 16 inch strand of Venetian type glass beads for small money. Then with a few simple tools, some small spacer beads, and a little time (maybe 30 minutes total for assembly) you can give a one-of-a-kind gift.

I've made tons of this type of stuff and I can easily help you through it. Alternatively, most bead stores offer basic stringing classes and they teach you the techniques and have all of the materials right there. I would just check their inventory to make sure they have the glass beads you like before you sign up for the class.
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