Great places for a honeymoon in Northern Minnesota?
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Please help us find some unique destinations and lodging options in Northern Minnesota for our honeymoon.

We are leaving the first week of May and have yet to get any firm plans for our honeymoon, so we need to decide soon! We just haven't been able to find any places that really grab our attention yet, though. It would be nice to have a place where we can relax, enjoy nature and see and try interesting activities. We won't be doing anything too involved, as we are really just trying to get away to be with each other, but we do like to cycle and hike.

We're interested in resorts, cabins and bed and breakfasts. We will probably skip around locations a few times throughout our week. Any personal experiences would be welcomed!

I don't think we'll be looking to "rough it" too much and there is such a thing as too unique, but please share what you know about vacationing in Northern Minnesota.

Your help and input would be appreciated! Thanks!
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I haven't been there in years, but Camp Du Nord sounds like it may be a good option for you. It's right outside the Boundary Waters so plenty of canoe, hike, and other recreation options around. I'm pretty sure there are private cabins, too, which are probably good for honeymooners.
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I haven't stayed there, only eaten there (awesome!), but Burntside Lodge might be an option. If you haven't decided on an area, Ely is awesome, but I can't vouch for any specific resorts. Early May? Bring warm clothes.
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My friendly, neighborhood Minnesotan says:

"Aspen Lodge, Grand Marais if they want to be in a town... is right next to lake superior, amazing amazing view, the town is one of those art and antique filled non-commercialized visitor haven places.

Bearskin Lodge or Voyageur Resort if they want more rustic, are right on good BWCA lakes, with decent accommodations.

Only go in summer unless they really really love the freezing cold."
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We honeymooned at Bluefin Bay on Lake Superior and loooooooved it. Nice place with great rooms (the usual fireplace/hot tub/ lake view combo), with awesome, awesome hiking all around. Canoe and bike rental nearby if that's your thing. Really, anywhere on the north shore is going to treat you well.
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how far north are you thinking? my dad spent part of his childhood in the Walker area, on Leech Lake. We've vacationed around there many times, specifically this place. May will be a nice time of year to be there-it won't be too warm and the mosquitoes *shouldn't* be out yet, knock on wood. There's good fishing there too, if you're into it. I remember enjoying throwing corn (they have a big container full) to the resident ducks there and when I got bored of fishing on the lake with my dad I'd sit on the dock and catch fish consistently. They have a lot of trails to walk on, and tons of nature/wildlife stuff to enjoy in the area. I found a list of lodging locations in the area, from cabin resorts to hotels. Walker has some really cool shops-if you're into checking out cool mom-and-pop type places you'll enjoy their downtown. The boundary waters is amazing, but I'd wait til after the honeymoon-not a lot of relaxing going on up there. Good luck, and congratulations!
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Response by poster: These are all great suggestions! Thanks! We're going to check into some of these tonight and see what we think. I have heard good things about both Ely and Bluefin Bay and I like the looks of the Burntside Lodges, too.

And the cold won't bother us! We're native MNans, just more to the south. Neither of us have ventured north of the Cities for several years, so we needed some suggestions. I think we'll be fine as far as temps. Forty degrees? Shorts weather!
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I don't know just how far north you'd plan on going, but I adore the Northwest Angle.
There's a little resort up there called Sage's Angle West, and they're nice, easy-going folks.
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Piping up for Bluefin Bay. We got the condo with the bedroom on the second floor and it had a little loft above that, too. We had an awesome time. Right on the water. Lots of walking to be had. We could make our own meals in our kitchen or go out to the two restaurants (or go for a drive - we did a day trip in Thunder Bay, Ontario, which was fun). Each 'room' has a little guest book where you can write a short blurb about your trip. It was fun reading through those, too.
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Response by poster: Just wanted to update this really old question with what we actually did.

The first night was spent in the cities at the Nicolette Island Inn. This was a nice hotel with an absolutely lovely staff, but I can't help but feel like it was underwhelming. The room was tiny and although it had some quaint antique touches and some cool modern features (Sleep Number bed, flat panel TV), it was just lacking something. And the floor was sharply angled downward toward the door. It was odd.

The next four nights we stayed at Larsmont Cottages near Two Harbors, MN. We had a cottage on the lake and the view was stunning. The weather was perfect, the staff was incredible and the entire area was very well-maintained and clean. The cottage we were in had so many awesome features - a fully stocked kitchen, home theater with surround sound, king size bed and deluxe master bedroom. Everything about this place was great and I can't wait to go back for my anniversary!

The town of Two Harbors was a lot of fun, as was hiking at Gooseberry Falls. Local food was good - we ate a lot of pie.

The town of Duluth wasn't far away and we spent a whole day by the harbor. We liked it so much we did it again on our way back south!

I would highly recommend these places to anyone looking for a family getaway or romantic honeymoon!
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