Hosting packages for Aussies?
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I was just about to sign up to a quite nice looking hosting deal with 1and1, when I discovered it's available to US and Canadian Residents Only. This, of course, completely pissed me off. Does anyone know of any packages comparable to their Linux Business Hosting that are available to poor Aussies like me?
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Jimbob, I don't have an answer to your question, but in my opinion, at free, 1and1 is a rip off. I signed up and thought their service was dreadful. Their interface is cumbersome and slow, their panel is illogical, and when you want to change the DNS they inform you that it's against their policy. Consider yourself lucky. I use Dreamhost's base Unix service which seems comparable feature-wise (storage is a little less, transfer is considerably more), however, it ain't Linux.
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jimbob, the best place to find *good* hosting deals and host reviews is
P.S. I pay $60/year for 1GB webspace with reseller privleges, just so you know.
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I can't steer you toward comparitively cheap host, but then, you get what you pay for. 1and1 is the worst host I've encountered, and I've encountered many. Nothing is intuitive, features that are de rigeur for other hosts are completely non-existent and customer service simply doesn't exist. Run like the wind to someone else.

As for a host I would recommend, I can't say enough good things about Verve Hosting, who I've hosted all my sites with for nearly four years. Excellent customer/technical service, competitive prices, solid uptime, etc.
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Use interland or something. not 1and1, please
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Geez, ac, can I recommend some anger management counseling?
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Spoono has a good list.
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Was the username idiotmanchild already taken when you signed up? Can you keep your homophobic slurs out of, please? Forever.

I'd call you out, but we've seen how effective that's been.
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Thanks for the suggestions - makes me feel better to know I'm missing out on a crap deal :)
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I hated 1and1's free trial. Threw it out.

I'll do you one better.
    OnSmart Network
  • 1000 MB storage (equal to 1and1)
  • 50 GB transfer (vs. 15 at 1and1)
  • 50 FTP accounts (vs. 5 at 1and1)
  • 25 subdomains with individual statistics pages (vs. 50 at 1and1, but come on now.)
  • Park 5 domains free
  • 100 POP3s/IMAP, and SMTP access on port 26 to get around your home ISP's blockage, unlimited forwarding and autoresponders, 5 mailing lists, Spam Assassin
  • 24 hour chat support
  • CPanel, Webalizer, plug and play PHP scripts (phpbb, et cetera).
  • PHP, unlimited MySQL databases (with phpMyAdmin, of course) (vs. 1 at 1and1)
I guess I needn't go on. It's all on the OnSmart page, for $7.50 a month (yearly contract) or $11.50 a month (paying monthly). And I realize it sounds like I'm working for OnSmart (and on comission, to boot) -- but in truth I've just been absolutely thrilled with the service. I recommend them highly. If you're concerned about speed and uptime, check out my site and see what you think.
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Go to, fill out the information form , tell 'em KJ sent you. James will hook you up.
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sorry it's early, forgot to put actual link....egads.
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sorry it's early, forgot to put actual link....egads.

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