Script needed to diff and then play sound when refresh reveals tickets are on sale.
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W.A.S.T.E. of a question, but I need a script that will perform a diff and play an alert sound when a reload reveals that the HTML page has changed relative to the previous reload.

I have firefox set to refresh a page every 30 seconds, but I'd rather not stay up all night waiting for the page to change.

So, is there any kind of script that someone would like to write for me, or one that is preexisting that will play an alert sound once it detects any change in the page?

Bonus points if it works for multiple tabs.

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Best answer: Check4Change is a Firefox extension that claims to do what you want. SiteDelta, PUC and Notify are some old alternatives.
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Response by poster: That was quick. Thanks Memo, I'll give it a shot.
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A while back, I wrote a simple bash script that sends you an email when a specific page changes. So, if you're a linux user, just save this, make it executable, then add it to your crontab. (I think it should work on Macs too)
#!/bin/bashcd /home/user/yourdirectoryofchoicemv data.html olddata.hmlwget -O data.htmldiff data.html olddata.html >diff.txtRESULTS_SIZE1=`stat -c %s diff.txt`                                                 if [ "$RESULTS_SIZE1" -ne 0 ]  #yes, we have new stuff   cat data.html | mail -s "Page Changed"fi
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Ahhh, it appears we are in the same boat. Just stay away from any Hollywood Bowl tickets - they're mine!
I jest - there's plenty for all!
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wget cannot render javascript.
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Memo, you should get a great big gold star because check4change got me my tickets. AskMeFi really CAN change your life.
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Response by poster: Guess what? I got tickets too, all because of check change! Thanks again Memo.
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Yay, Check4Change got me general sale tickets! Thanks Memo.
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