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Listserv question. I have a friend who wants recommendations for either a low priced or free managed listserv (he is computer illiterate as are the people who will be subscribing) that has dead easy sign-up (enter an e-mail address, confirm your subscription, that's it). Or a free or inexpensive solution that he can install and administer without knowing squat. He has tried some Yahoo! thing but found that it required a Yahoo! e-mail address from the subscribers. This, apparently, was too confusing for the subscribers. I'm looking for personal experiences/recommendations since I don't know the first thing about listservers.
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Yahoo! Groups require no such thing. They require only that the list manager have a Yahoo! account. I manage one tiny Yahoo! group (six people, including me. Only two of us have Yahoo! accounts) and subscribe to about 10 smallish-to medium-sized ones. There are a number of different ways to sign up for the lists there.
More to the answering of the question, though, I'm on a couple of lists provided by Topica, and they seem to work okay. Their advertising strikes me as more irritating than Yahoo!'s, but it's not horrible (and probably goes away if you pay for the service).
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May want to look at "Google Groups"... looks pretty straightforward...
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Yep, seconding Yahoogroups...there are some amazingly dumb folks on a few of the lists I am on, and they seem to manage it. Also, I have no yahoo address, yet I'm on several Yahoo lists.
posted by GaelFC at 1:41 PM on July 19, 2004 is pretty cool, I use it and I'm fairly stupid and my Tandy is ancient. And it's free with no ads.
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Well, *that* was weird.
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I am running a listserv on Google Groups Beta, which is awesome, and just like Gmail.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. I've got him going with Google Groups 2.
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