Games for MacBook?
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Gaming on a MacBook: what games would run well in OS X on a 2.2GHz MacBook (with GMA X3100)?

I've been out of the video game loop for a very long time, but as my life gets busier, I'd like to have at least one new time waster. I used to be huge into Quake, Marathon, Lux, Myst, and platformers like Mario and Sonic, and I'd be interested in something similarly hypnotic. I don't have any urge to get the newest games - just something new, interesting, pretty, and playable for my new toy. I'd be interested in an arcade-type game with a quirky sense of strategy, and no MMORPGs, please.

I'd love games in the vein of Crayon Physics. I'd also love to find a replacement for Quake.
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Defcon might suit if you're into quirky strategy and hypnotic effect.
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Quake 1.1 for OS X (Universal Binary)
Magic Pen, flash version of Crayon Physics
Quinn, tetris clone for OS X
and just to be weird: The Graveyard, which isn't so much a game as an art piece.

Don't forget to check Apple's Game Download section for Shareware & freeware games.
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Cave Story.
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Older games might work well, and will be cheap if they don't.

Did you play ALL 5 of the Myst games?

Lego Star Wars ran fine on a G4, should run great on a newer model, and is interesting, pretty, quirky, and very playable.

I had a lot of fun playing No One Lives Forever and NOLF 2 on that same G4. A mission-based sneak-and-shoot, set in a very campy Avengers/Man from Uncle 60's spy world. Not very pretty now, (children of the present age find bleeding edge 2002 graphics laughable) but there's a lot of gameplay in there.
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You might find some neat games at indygamer. The Ur-Quan Masters wasted plenty of my time.
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The GMA X3100 is alas a really really rubbish 3D card, like all intel's onboard efforts, despite their marketing. Anything 3d gamish from the last 5 years will struggle, unless it's on 800x600 at minimum settings and literally 4/5 years old.

Assuming you're prepared to dual-boot windows with bootcamp, or use crossover, there's a range of windows games available. Far cry is playable at minimum, quake 2 and 3, unreal tournament 2004, that sort of era. Doom 3, quake 4, anything from the last 3 years will be out of reach I'm afraid, even at minimum settings.

Half-life 2 is also possible, and I'm told tf2 is possible at fairly low settings - you could join the metafilter tf2 gaming group!

If you're after quirky, I can definitely recommend portal, another orange box game.

Assuming you're only after OSX native games, then
is probably a good kick off point.
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Oh yes, nearly forgot. Peggle and Puzzle quest are both highly addictive. Popcap games (who make peggle) make way too addictive games, with osx native versions like zuma, bejewelled 2 and bookworm.
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Well, if you used to play Marathon (and woe be to any Mac fan who didn't), get yourself Aleph One and relive those golden years.
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We like Nexuiz as a (free) Quake replacement at our house.
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I play Warcraft on my macbook...
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I play WoW as well and may play Spore if it manages to make it to Mac.
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seconding quinn, to which I've become completely addicted (236.538 points though prolly means I still suck). also onsider desktop tower defense as a nice little timewaster.

and marathon... long ago but so much fun on networks.
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