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recommend the most powerful fan you know!

i need to move cool air from one room (with a/c) into another (without a/c). can't install a ceiling fan, and don't want to invest in a swamp cooler.

the space is small, so i think a good, strong fan in the doorway would do the trick--but not a box fan, which would block the doorway and is really loud.

i am thinking of one of those tower fans. are they any good? even a standup floor fan would be fine, as long as it's powerful and, preferably, quiet.
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You can't just move cold air from room A to room B -- an equal amount of warm air has to make the return trip from B to A. Since the coldest air will be near the floor, you'd be best off setting up a fan on the floor, rather than a standup floor fan, so the warmer air near the ceiling in room B is pushed back into room A. You might even consider using two smallish fans -- one blowing into room B at floor level, the other blowing back at the level of the top of the doorway.
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I can't suggest a brand but try searching your local craigslist for Industrial Fan. In my city, you'll see everything from this to this.
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You probably don't want the most powerful fan we know--it's too damn noisy.

For a good balance of quiet and power, many of my pals have liked Vornado fans. A few years ago, I had a Black and Decker-branded tower fan named the 'Typhoon' that was really good, but I'm not sure they even still make it.
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As someone who has done this for years, multiple smaller fans are the way to go (imo). As far as brands, I like Vornado. They are quiet, strong for their size, easy to clean and don't look too bad (for an appliance).

Good luck.
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I would try a Vornado. They are designed to equalize temperature in a room. They're small, light, and not as noisy as big box fans. Plus, they've come down in price over the years.
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I like the vornados also. They move a surprising amount of air for the size and low noise level.
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Fourthing (on preview, fifthing!) the Vornado air circulator suggestion. Something like the 630B model, for example. There are smaller (and larger) versions as well, but the larger ones may not be necessary for a small space (plus they can be noisier). You can try getting one Vornado first and then adding a second later if you want.

This previous thread: "What's the optimal way to combine a fan with an air conditioner?" may also be helpful.
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