Looking for Raiders of the Lost Ark: the Adaptation
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Is there any earthly way - preferably on the up & up - to get a copy of Raiders of the Losk Ark: The Adaptation? (see also, see also). Gaining admission to a local screening would also be acceptable.

After hearing about it for years, and finally seeing the first 10 minutes on YouTube, I feel like I really, really have to see this remake of Raiders of the Lost Ark. I'm not even asking for pirating advice; I'm entirely willing to pay for a copy or a ticket to a screening or whatever.

The more or less "official" website has a list of screenings, but I'm in the SF bay area and the closest one is Portland. I feel like buying a 200 buck plane ticket (not to mention hotel & cabs) would be a bit excessive. Is there any good way to get ahold of this movie? I'm not really part of the film community and so I don't know who to talk to locally about getting a copy, but man, I want to see this remake!
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Hey, I know somebody who can send you a copy. My email's in my profile.
posted by kendrak at 1:47 PM on April 5, 2008

I saw it in at the Alamo in Austin, and it was pretty great on the big screen. Those kids were absolutely amazing.
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I also saw it in Austin. There are torrents of it, I just grabbed one two weeks ago.
posted by apetpsychic at 9:01 PM on April 6, 2008

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