Crib Mattress on a Cot?
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Crib Mattress on a Cot?

I've got a cot and a crib mattress would fit it perfectly. What kind of crib mattress (Make and Model) would be good to support about 300 or 400 pounds (two people sitting on it)?

I suspect that getting a good crib mattress would give more bang for the buck than buying a futon mattress.
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Response by poster: There's nothing I hate more than feeling the bars under a futon mattress. I don't think I'd feel the bars under a thick crib mattress.
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In my experience, crib mattresses have a lot of give (e.g. If I sit on one, it compresses completely). A mattress that can support 300 or 400 pounds would be like sleeping on a concrete slab for a baby that weighs 8 (or 15 or 30) pounds.
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Let me tell you that, from first hand experience, a 22-lb toddler jumping up and down on a crib mattress for 10 minutes can result in splitting of the mattress. I would think that, PSI aside, 300 lbs distributed across two two-foot radius seating areas on multiple occasions would eventually find the same end result.
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why would you think that?

why would a mattress designed for a 10lb baby work for two adults?

it makes no sense whatsoever
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I'm also going to chime in that this probably won't be the most comfortable choice. My crib mattresses have metal wire running around the edge to keep the shape, but if someone was sitting on it, that part would dig into the thighs. Plus, the rubbery coating wouldn't be too comfortable either.
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Most crib mattresses that I know of are coated with a plastic like protective outer lining for hygiene reasons as well as to protect from wetness and allow for easy cleaning. I wouldn't imagine that this type of surface would work too well as a seat.
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Can I ask what a cot is, to you? I only know cots as being narrow, collapsible beds, with metal frames -- things people used to stick their guests on before air mattresses -- or else beds in movies set in WWII. In neither case are they the same size as standard crib mattresses.
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