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I've decided to finally take the plunge and switch to an electric razor (mainly due to laziness). There are so many options I don't really know where to begin. I don't have much facial hair so I don't need anything ultra powerful (I don't think?). Any recommendations?
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That is all.
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I don't have very tough facial hair either and I've had good experiences with my Norelco 5615. It's been working well for about 2 years now with no blade change.

It is totally as close as a razor's shave, to the touch, once you're done with it. And it's nice to be able to do it completely dry. You can also take it in the shower.

Paradoxically, though, the shave doesn't last as long. I used to shave with a razor every 3 days and get by just fine. But now I generally clean up with the Norelco every day. No biggie. It takes 10 seconds to do.

And the biggest differnce is I *never* get cuts.
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You might check these threads.
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I'll be the voice of dissention and say.. don't do it!

I actually started out with an electric razor, and used it for a few years. Then I shaved 'properly' and I was totally won over. Sure, it takes longer, but there's really no comparison.. shaving normally also improved my skin by heaps, the electric method did some damage.
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I'll go the other way and say "GO FOR IT!".

Shaving conventially often cuts the skin causing infection... I *rarely*, if ever, manage to cut myself with an electric razor.

As far as electric razors go, there's two types. The remington type and the philishave type (I don't know the exact names for these, but these companies ONLY sell the one type).

Having used expensive models of each, I can say this:

- "Remington" style razors tend to be less effective, although they will clear all the hair. "Philishave" style are more effective, and clear the hair a bit closer.
- "Remington" style razors tend not to irritate my skin as much as "philishave" tyles.
- If you're going for a cheap knock-off razor, they're all pretty crappy, slow, and uncomfortable, but the "Remington" style is most tolerable. I keep one of those cheapies around at work for emergencies.
- Shaving is easiest after a fresh shower.

The only thing that sucks with electric is how quickly the hair grows back. You'll definately need to make it something you do every morning.

Ooo ooo! Other points:

- ALWAYS ensure your face is freshly washed before an electric shave to prevent irritation.
- Pre-shave is nice until your skin gets used to electric shaving.
- The new lotion-pump electric razors are a total waste of money.
- Aftershave hurts like you've never hurt before. :-)
- Wet/dry shavers are pointless. You'll only be shaving your face dry. Using shaving cream is not needed.
- Oil the blades occasionally.

Overall, my opinion: Go with a real philishave. You can't lose. Just don't buy their most expensive model.
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Go for it, definitely. I have a Norelco Spectra 8825XL, which is particularly awesome because you can flip open the top and wash all the whisker clippings away with running water.
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I prefer the top of the line Braun shavers. They are quick, easy on your face and hold a charge for a long time. My local Target has been discounting all electric razors deeply just recently; perhaps yours is too. For the best information on individual models I like Amazon's user reviews.
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I had a really nice Panasonic electric that worked great on my normally hard to cut beard and eventually head. It dulled and Panasonic decided that this particular model needed to be discontinued. I was annoyed enough to switch back to a Mach 3 and found that I actually got a better shave even if it was more time consuming.

I've been using an electric for a few weeks now, I picked up whatever the battery operated version of the Mach 3 is. It gives me the better shave of a hand held razor with the speed and convenience of an electric.
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I love my Norelco tripleheader. It's the only electric my skin can handle. Lot's of models, too.
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I've been using low-end Norelcos for years, I like 'em. I change the blades every few months, sometimes you can find replacement blades on clearance at Sears. I have tried Braun and Remington in the past and, what Tommasz says.
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I think this has everything to do with the toughness of ones beard. I've tried a few different electrics and have found them all disappointing. I end up having to grind away at my face in order to get a sufficiently close shave, and it's unpleasant.

The best shave I've ever had was at a proper barber shop with an incredibly sharp straight razor. I'm not willing to take my life in my hands by trying that on my own, but I'll go back to the professionals when I really need a perfect shave - weddings, big job interviews, etc.
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Make sure your local retailers carry replacement block and screens for the specific make and model you're looking at.
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There is no substitute for Mach3. Electric razors just tear my skin and leave an unacceptable amount of stubble.
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Shaving conventially often cuts the skin causing infection... I *rarely*, if ever, manage to cut myself with an electric razor.

See, this is what confuses me. When I used an electric, I ended up with all sorts of problems and abrasions (although generally not 'cuts' as such). Now I wet-shave with the cheapest razors you can buy in the shop (single blade!) and I've cut myself once in six months. Perhaps there are different strategies for different skin types?
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I second Braun. I've owned one since 1999 without regrets.
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I've got one of the high-end Braun shavers with the charging/self-cleaning stand. It's relatively quiet (compared to cheaper ones I've had), gives a close shave, holds a charge for weeks, and the self-cleaning feature ROCKS. No more dumping out whisker dust and brushing the innards clean.
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Funny enough, I find electrics take lots longer than using a blade, and often burn my skin. From reading AskMe, I tried the Mach3. I love it! OTOH my partner, who has always used electric, actually managed to cut himself on the Mach3. Mind, it was his lip, and he was being over-confident.

That being said, for electric, I definitly prefer the wet shave method, either with built-in cream or ordinary shave cream.

And if I didn't mention this before somewhere, amazingly, shaving is lots nicer if you rinse your blade in COLD water, the colder the better.
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>Perhaps there are different strategies for different skin types?

Could be, wackybrit!

I think it all depends on one's sensitivity to shaving cream / soap. I'm quite sensitive to that stuff, so perhaps my safety razor shaving problems come from having to use that stuff on my face.

Now, if I were crazy and shaved while my face were dry with a safety razor, maybe I'd have less problems?
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