Using Google Visualization API with PHP
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I heard the Google Visualization API Query Language allows you to query Google Spreadsheet documents using a language similar to SQL. Is there a PHP library I can get to use a Google Spreadsheet as a simple database table?
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If you're doing it piecemeal, you can publish your spreadsheets as CSV (or a host of other formats) -- example: spreadsheet - CSV.

Choose 'More publishing options' (small link at the bottom of the 'publish' tab) and select your formats. A CSV file can be loaded directly into a MySQL db using LOAD DATA INFILE if you have the FILE privilege -- otherwise, it's fairly easy to parse and insert a CSV.
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Response by poster: You're right. I can just export the data into CSV. Actually, I even found out you can simply send the query statement via the URL.

One caveat I just discovered, queries are only used to read data, not write.
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