Identify photos in the "Law and Order" opening credits?
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The opening credits to "Law and Order" are made out of photographs, some of the cast, and others of police and courtroom scenes. Are any of the "real life" photographs famous for reasons other than being part of this credit sequence? What are they, and where can I find them?

I'm especially interested in the photo of the guy (attorney?) pointing in a courtroom. It usually appears right after the American flag in the intro. I also saw it in a frame on Jack McCoy's wall in the episode "Bodies".
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I believe the "attorney pointing" you're talking about is actually from a series of photos of Ted Bundy defending himself in the Kimberley Leach case.
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I lied- the pointing attorney is not Ted Bundy- the man leaning over the table right before the Order starts is Ted Bundy.
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I wouldn't be at all surprised if those were exclusively licensed where possible, but I really don't know where you'd find out what the images are, except maybe by reading the credits very carefully.
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but I really don't know where you'd find out what the images are

Well, I doubt it's top secret or anything, so if the Internet fails you then you could try writing to the producers of the show.
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