Best conferences for technology law and policy?
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What are the most interesting conferences related to technology/Internet law or policy? You can include things that are tangentially related but would still be very helpful or cool to attend for someone interested in this area (e.g. Defcon).
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Do you mean conferences for lawyers? There are all kinds of internet law and policy conferences for legal professionals, but none of them qualifies as interesting as far as I've ever been able to determine.

Other, more interesting conferences that regularly touch on law or policy include TED, SXSW, and ETech. There are also occasional Barcamps around internet law as well.

I'm sure there's sexier stuff out there, I just can't think of anything right now.
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with respect to current/future law/policy/content as it relates to intellectual property or the internet (creative commons, net neutrality, etc.), the guru you want is lawrence lessig.

i attended signal/noise at harvard in 2005. the audio appears to be here, not where the site says it is. it focused on the cultural and artistic consequences of current and potential law, policy, and technology. it had great panelists and was very interesting overall. it doesn't appear to be happening again any time soon, though you should check out any universities near you for similar events. mr. lessig gave a talk at my local university just last year. you might also try for these types of things.
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