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What's the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser?

I've tried this, and it actually works VERY well. Almost too well. But I have no idea why. What the heck is it? (sic)
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It's a freaky abrasive. The eraser, when used, seems to disintegrate into nearly microscopic bits of abrasive.

...scrub a (disposable) mirror with an eraser, and you'll be able to see extremely fine scratches. I tested one on an ink-stained bit of varnished wood -- if you look at the right angle, you can see the scratched area.

Mind you, I still think they rock. Just be careful what you use 'em on.
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It works *pretty* well. I've removed some stubborn soap scum from my shower walls, so I give it points for being more effective, quicker and less corrosive than standard shower cleaners.

I think it's just the impregnation of a sponge with a decent cleaning solution that allows you to apply elbow grease effectively. I remember being amazed and delighted when I was 13 and my big brother showed me how some Amway scrub removed marks from walls. Well, almost any cleaner we had in the house would have done that.

What kind of great cleaning has your sponge done for you, Caviar? What tasks are and aren't *ahem* spongeworthy?

ETA: Formaldehyde?!! WTF!
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I can't give a legitimate explanation, but I can share my observations based on using the thing to remove scuffs from painted surfaces.

It appears to actually cause some melting or removal of the paint itself. On one spot which I thought was a scuff -- but turned out to be an area of thin paint with wood showing through -- the mark got worse.

Touching a freshly cleaned area left white particles on my fingertip, much like the paint I was scrubbing.

I used it on the molded plastic handle of my oven and it removed a slightly discolored mar -- and the mar's gouge. I'm assuming because the rough surface of the "eraser" sanded it down.

I have no idea why the pads dissolve so quickly, if that's a necessary feature of the product or something added to increase disposability and sell more.

It works better with fast, light strokes than it does with short, firm strokes. This lines up nicely with the theory that it's sanding and scouring.
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How they work

The article
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Free Sample.
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It releases hydrogen cyanide on decomposition. Ick!
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Formaldehyde?!! WTF!

No, not formaldehyde, formaldehyde-melamine-sodium bisulfite copolymer. And I'm actually not being snarky--they legitimately are different compounds. It means that there are very large molecules, parts of which structurally resemble formaldehyde. (And formaldehyde was used in the production of the product.) But it doesn't mean that there's formaldehyde itself in the product.

Remeber high school chemistry, the old "chlorine gas = deadly poison, chlorine in table salt = mostly harmless" concept? Something like that.
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It releases hydrogen cyanide on decomposition. Ick!

No, useful. Very very useful. In certain, um, situations.
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It releases hydrogen cyanide on decomposition.

At high temperatures--notice how that's listed on the "firefighting information" section of the MSDS? So don't set them on fire, or leave them on the stove or in the oven.

On preview: or make sure you know who is and is not in the house before leaving them in the oven.
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I use it for keyboard cleaning. Slice off thin pieces about 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick, they get between keys. No more keyboard crud.

Cutting it into smaller pieces makes it go much farther.

Definitely dulls shiny painted surfaces.
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On preview: or make sure you know who is and is not in the house before leaving them in the oven.
No worries. Any bodies can be disposed of with a few balloons.
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Shepd's free sample is just a ploy to get people to move to Canada.
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Whoa -- I had heard of this product, and read a few testimonials, so after reading this thread I headed to the store and picked up a couple of 'em.

WOW. Very, very cool. To paraphrase a great SNL skit: I don't where Magic Erasers come from, I don't know how Magic Erasers mate...I just know that they *work*.
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Free US samples.
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Personally, I plan to use this to erase some white power graffitti saw on a wall down the street from my apartment. Looks like it was done with a grease pencil, so this should be perfect.
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