Feel like a Plague Rat!
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I think a guy I've been going out with is a Strep Throat carrier. Are they actually contagious? Or is it me?

I'm currently suffering from my second round of Strep Throat - the first was a month ago. Both times I've had it, I have hooked up with the same guy two days previous. I've only slept with him twice - and I've come down with Strep both times!

Has anyone here had a similar experience, or is this just a horrible coincidence? Should I have a talk with him? I guess it might be an easier topic than an std, I guess I should be grateful for that.
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I had a similar problem with a long-distance boyfriend — I came down with strep throat within 48 hours of seeing him, twice in three weeks. (Yes, carriers are contagious.)

I took a course of antibiotics, he took a course of antibiotics, and I never got strep throat again.

(He got weirdly defensive about it and realllly didn't want to take the antibiotics, for reasons totally unknown to me. So... Fair warning, I guess.)
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I had this, with a roomate strep carrier for a couple of years. He would only come down with it when he got stessed. Once we had it at the same time and had two different antibiotics; he had penicillin and mine was erythromyacin,. They tell you not to ever, ever take drugs with the lights off, and I did it anyway. Damn near commited involuntary suicide. What saved me was the different shape of the pill.
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Family folklore said he got it originally from the cat, who was also a confirmed carrier.
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I had this (3 times in 4 months). Also UTI bacteria carrier. Turned out he never finished courses of antibiotics because he "felt better already". Ick.
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Did these two one-night-stands happen as the result of alcohol? Because after I have a huge bender I invariably end up with cold symptoms the following week. I think if something's knocking on the door and I lower my immune system I'll come down with whatever it is.
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