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My wife and I are heading to San Francisco this weekend for a wedding, but we'll have a little bit of extra time to play around. Is there anything super-awesome happening this weekend? What should we do? Things we like include art, music, books, and delicious vegetarian cuisine.
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Here is the same question from last week -- all those calendars still apply.
One I don't see listed: (the events thing about a third of the way down the right-hand side of the page).
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Not sure if you like rock and roll and/or drinking, but my boyfriend and I went to SF a couple months ago and totally fell in love with a bar called Zeitgeist in the mission. One part rock and roll bar. One part beer garden. And great beers to choose from at that!

As for food...

We ate at a veg place called Greens which was mentioned in the older mefi post linked above. It was definitely fantastic! We also really wanted to try Millennium but ended up not having time. :( Herbivore restaurant was another decent veg place that we went to. I think there are multiple locations in SF. Decent prices, decent food. (But nothing super impressive) Oh! And I highly highly recommend Pork Store on 16th Street in the mission for brunch! I had the best veg chorizo there! Mmm!
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Annie Liebovitz at the Legion of Honor.
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I like Ella's on california and presidio for brunch. For beer, the best place for beer this side of the mississippi (depending on who you talk to) is here and its called Toronado. There is a sausage place next door called Rosamonde which is phenom.
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If you have time on Saturday morning, definitely make it down to the Ferry Plaza (think that's the name) farmer's market. Great produce and there are vendors that make some stellar food/meals. I had an amazing butternut squash tamale I still think about.
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taqueria cancun on valencia & mission has great vegetarian burritos
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If you have time on Saturday morning, definitely make it down to the Ferry Plaza (think that's the name) farmer's market.

It's at the Ferry Building - and yes, it's awesome! It's right across the street from the very beginning of Market street and impossible to miss.

Zeitgeist is very fun - and you definitely should check out Greens (but go for lunch - it's much cheaper).

I also eat at Taqueria Cancun often, and it's great - be prepared to take some home, their servings are huge.

I also recommend going to Golden Gate park and checking out the DeYoung Museum - it's just been redone and it's amazing.
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Tajine is amazing.
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If you don't want to "visit" the can still go up in the tower for free. Fantastic views on clear days (and its been pretty damn gorgeous lately). Nearby in the sunset district, close to the intersection of 9th and Irving (and MUNI stop) is Cafe Gratitude...raw/veggie food with an atmosphere that may either annoy you or inspire you. for some, it can be heavy on the affirmations but the food is very tasty, an especially good spot for bfast and lunch, plus a patio out back.
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