Batch replace a file in FrontPage?
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Can I change a graphic throughout a FrontPage web site?

I updated a graphic that's used as a navigational image map on our company intranet. Unfortunately, this graphic exists in every subweb of the site. Is there any way I can change out the graphic for the updated one (which has the same filename) every place it appears in the site without actually going into each subsite and manually importing the new graphic file? (Please, no comments on this miserable site structure or the use of FrontPage in general. I already know and can't do anything about it until our redesign/CMS project is approved.)
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I don't know about frontpage, but any text/web editor worth it's weight has some kind of find and replace function within a group of files.

You might want to just talk to the person who actually manages the intranet.
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Well, I guess you answered your own question when you talked about the structure of the site. So no, you cannot do it automatically with frontpage. A way to do it a little faster may be to use windows explorer. If you do a search for the file name with windows it may be easier to do the copy/paste. It will still be manual though.
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Response by poster: ReiToei: I manage the intranet. I know I can find an replace text (on the page or in the code) across the site. What I want to do is an actual file replacement, where the same file lives in multiple places in the site.

McSly: This graphic file lives in the /images folder of each subsite, so I know exactly where it is, no need to search. I was just hoping that there was some way I could replace the file without going into 100+ sites. Maybe there's something I can do on the server?
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This isn't really a FrontPage question, this is definitely a file structure question. If all your assets (images, video, whatever) were put into the same folder and each subsite linked to the same folder, it would be a simple matter of replacing the file. As it is with the given file structure, there's no way to do it that I can really think of. Seconding manual replacing through windows explorer, sorry.
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