BIOS Gone Bye-bye
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How can I flash my BIOS without paying HPs exhorbitant tech support fee? Details down under ...

HP Pavilion m7960n Media Center PC. So I go to upgrade my BIOS using the files supplied by HP. I get a dialog box saying "update in progress, don't turn off the computer." After a VERY long time, I decide that something must be wrong, and I discover that the computer is completely frozen. This is the harbinger of very bad things. The BIOS boots into some sort of "rescue mode" that allows for floppy booting, and I can get it to boot DOS from a CD, but the regular BIOS has gone bye-bye. HP wants $299 to fix the problem--far less than a better case, power supply and motherboard, so I ain't gonna pay that.

Is there any hope? The upgrade files supplied by HP did have one file with a .rom extension. I wonder if there is a way to make a bootable CD that will flash the BIOS with this. I'd like to try something before I shell out my hard-earned.
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There is some information here:

There's also this method:

However, they both hinge on having a floppy drive available. Could you just attach one for the purpose?
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You are correct, it is in a recovery mode. If it'll boot a CD, you should be good and don't need to install a floppy drive.

I tried looking up that PC on and didn't have much luck. Did you get the model number right? Look on the sticker where the serial number is, there should be a product number that looks something like this:


Use another PC, try typing that (the first 6 digits) number into HP's driver download box and see what comes up.

There *should* be downloadable files for flashing the BIOS. You want a bootable CD or bootable floppy. Burn the CD at the slowest possible setting. If you can only get a floppy image, create the floppy disk. Then, either install a floppy drive (might be impossible), or use Nero or Roxio to create a bootable CD using floppy emulation mode. Use the floppy you made when it asks.

From there, you should be able to boot the PC and reflash the BIOS.
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The rom file is probably jsut a binary, so you need the loader to put it on. Does HP even offer an a boot disk with the loader?

The 299 may not be for just a simple flash, but to pull the chip out and replace it with another. I imagine it would be a lot cheaper to price out the motherboard and replace it at home.
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There are lots of third party bios flashing utilities, like UniFLASH, that will work from DOS, though most seem to be a little out of date. If you can boot from CD, you could also try booting to BartPE and using the HP utility again.

I think hot flashing is a bit out of date nowadays, but depending on the type of flash ROM, it may be a possibility.
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