Advantage: San Francisco
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A few years ago I saw a funny, tongue-in-cheek blog post comparing San Francisco and New York. It judged each city in a number of categories, with a description of how each fared. It would always be obvious that New York should win, but in the conclusion it would go to San Francisco for some backwards reason. [half-remembered example after the jump]

There was one that was about transportation, with the explanation that New York had cheap cabs everywhere you looked and a great subway system. In comparison, there are almost no cabs in sf and Bart only goes like 3 places in the city. Advantage: San Francisco because it encourages you to make use of your car that you pay an insane amount to park.

Anyone know where I can find this? Google has been no help so far. Thanks in advance.
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Glassdog may be long dead hibernating, but Lance Arthur can still bring the funny.
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Boom. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks Alan.
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