Getting Excel to interpret string as formula
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Getting Excel to interpret text string as formula

I'm in MS Excel 2003. I created a column of formulas by concatenating strings from other cells, so in any given cell I now have a string that looks like this:


Note the apostrophe, b/c that is forcing Excel to interpret the cell as a text string rather than as a formula.

In older versions of Excel, I could simply globally replace = with =

Somehow, that wiped out the apostrophe. But, that doesn't work for me now.

Now, I'm stumped. Without opening each cell individually and deleting the damn apostrophe, I can't figure out how to get Excel to view these cells as formulas.

I tried to write a macro to do that, but I'm inept at macros.

Please hope me.
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Best answer: Try using the Text to Columns command, and use the apostrophe as the column delimiter. It should pull it out and your formulas should function.

There's probably a better way to do it, but...
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Response by poster: Hey, that works perfectly! You are an officer and a gentleman.
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Good old text to columns. One of the most useful tools in Excel along with Pivots and Vlookups that your average user isn't aware of.
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Another option would be to globally replace "'=" with =. Note the use of the double quotes. I don't have access to Excel right now, but recollect that this worked when I had to work across multiple columns.
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Response by poster: rasputin98: In the interest of science I tried your solution, but to no avail. The message I get is that "Microsoft Office Excel cannot find any data to replace."
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Huh. I tried Rasputin's method and it worked for me. Put '= in the find box, = in the replace box, hit "replace all".
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Response by poster: are you on the same version/OS as I am?
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