'Send Page' in Firefox and Thunderbird
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Big fan of Firefox & T-Bird here. However, I'm used to being able to send a page as an attachment, not just a link in an email. I'm sure I could do this in Mozilla - why'd they leave this very useful function out of this build? [Googleis not that helpful - any solutions?]
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There does seem to be a "Send Page" feature in the Mozilla suite at least, because there are some bugs reported for it (my search). Google is a little helpful; it got me here, which says Firefox (nee "bird") doesn't have the option, but they're working on it.
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In my experience, "send page" has just sent a link to the page, even in the Mozilla suite.
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Response by poster: I have found a several steps solution:
1. Copy URL
2. click File/Send Page [calls up T Bird as a mail message]
3. In msg window, click the arrow next to attachments.
4. Select 'Web Page'
5. choose recipient
6. send.

Viola! The web page is sent as an attachment & inline. I have sent this page to myself as a demo. It's not elegant, but it does what I want it to do.
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zsazsa: Just tried it in Mozilla 1.7, and "Send Page" sends both the link and the whole page. In fact, I'm typing this in my message preview window right now.
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Another method: when composing a message in either Mozilla Mail or Thunderbird, I usually use File->Attach->Web Page... you feed it the URL and it attaches the page.

Just tested it to be sure, and indeed it does attach the page, and in Thunderbird the page displays inline when I received the email.
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