DVD ripping on linux
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What do I use on Ubuntu to do exactly what Mac the Ripper does on Mac?

For all my attempts I can't seem to find an answer for this. I want to rip only. I do not want to compress to a smaller size, I do not want to change format.
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I'm guessing Mac the Ripper makes an ISO file from a DVD? In k3b, under "copy dvd," theres a checkbox for "only create image."
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You want k9copy.
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Best answer: vobcopy -m also works.
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Assuming you want the files, not an .iso.
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Response by poster: I believe reventlov gets me what I am after with the least fuss... Paradoxically, the GUI's of all the tools I have tried (including dvd::rip, acidrip, and k9copy - I have not tried k3b as the description in the add/remove tool does not even mention dvds!) have only confused me.
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What I generally do is: insert the DVD, then close any auto-running movie players, then run the following commands:

lsdvd /dev/dvd
ddrescue /dev/dvd dvd.iso dvd.log

The lsdvd command opens the disc using libdvdcss, thereby feeding the DVD player the proper session keys for further access; the ddrescue command makes a block-for-block copy of it, retrying intelligently if it encounters bad blocks. You can install these commands and their prerequisites using

sudo apt-get install lsdvd gddrescue

and I've written up a procedure for dealing with scratched DVDs here.
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Doesn't VLC also rip? Checking...

I use it under Ubuntu and OS X. Just confirmed that it definitely does. Under Ubuntu, add VLC, open it, go to the file menu, select "Wizard", select the option to "Transcode/Save to file", click next and then click choose and select a DVD or file. Or your AV in. Or a streaming video. Really, whatever you want.

In conclusion, VLC is really easy to use, extremely stable and doesn't check DVDs for your country code under OS X. Great piece of software. These other pieces of software are probably great too, I just haven't used them.
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VLC also dies suddenly if it finds a scratch or error on the DVD, without telling you, so you think the rip has gone fine until you try to play the file and discover only 80% of it's there. Just saying.
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Seeing you're on Ubuntu I would use GnomeBaker. Just go to Tools -> Copy CD/DVD and select 'Only create image'
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Hey - if you have Wine installed you can also just use 'DVD Shrink'. Still the best in my opinion.
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