I need a catchy title for a spring dinner fundraiser
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Help me come up with a name for a spring fundraiser dinner for a farm alliance

I’m helping a friend organize a dinner fundraiser for a farm coalition and I need to come up with a catchy name [think spring, organic, local, earthy…]. The dinner will be in May and held at an organic farm in northern California [if the setting helps inspire ideas]. Suggestions, anyone?
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What is the name of the farm coalition and the name of the farm where it will be held?
posted by Frank Grimes at 7:30 PM on March 23, 2008

Cash Crops
Spring Forward
Pass the Peas and the Hat
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Response by poster: Frank: There may be more than one organization involved so I don't think they want to use the name in the main title [the flyer will say something like Farm coalition A and B present...]

Last year it was in July and was called a midsummer nights local feast. So something along those lines would be great.
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Dishing the dirt
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A Charmer in the Dell
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Songs of Spring
Sounds of Spring
(as an ever so vague play on Rachel Carson's Silent Spring)

I was trying to come up with a play on Cinco de Mayo, and all I got was "Drink-o de Mayo". Your event sounds a bit too classy for that.
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Best answer: Spring For Dinner (Playing off the phrase, "I'll spring for dinner.")
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Supper for Sprouts
Supper for Seedlings
Plates for Plants
Revel for Roots
Terra Firma Festival
Topsoil Social
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Home on the Grange.
Co-op Slop.
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Dinner de Mayo
Spring Supper Spectaculaire
Super Supper
Savory Spring Feast
Earthy Eats
Delightful Dishes
Dishes for Dollars
Meals for Money
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