Best resouce for free printable crosswords?
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Where can I find free printable crossword puzzles online for this lazy Sunday and beyond?

Preferably a resource that lets me choose from a variety of difficulty levels or is geared more toward beginners than experts. A google search turns up a mixed bag of less than stellar results. Where are your favorites? If the answer involves installing a program like Across Lite (which I've only tinkered with in the past) and then printing from there, that's fine as well. And I'm aware that there are plenty of crossword books around, but I'd prefer to print on-demand. Thanks all.
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Both the LA times,, and the Washington Post,, allow you to download and print their puzzles. another source is Have fun!
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The right pane of Cruciverb updates with links to the major crosswords each day. Only the NYTimes costs money. These are all Across Lite files but you should be able to print them out. If you to start with easier puzzles, download all the past Mondays and Tuesdays from the New York Sun.
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The FPP you're looking for!

And within that FPP, the link you're looking for! (Will Johnston's Puzzle Pointers)
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I only print out one crossword puzzle, but it's often a good one. It's the Sunday Philadelphia Inquirer crossword by Merl Reagle, and it (and the previous week's) is available as a PDF.
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You can print out recent Newsday crosswords.
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