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Good puzzle book (or series of books) for bright senior mom with mild confusion/dementia?

My mom is in her 80s and has some mild confusion/dementia. She is still very bright but her condition has put a bit of a lid on what she used to be able to do. She's expressed interest in puzzle books and I'd like to get her one.

She used to be good at crosswords (and probably still isn't too shabby). I'd like to get her a book that's a mix of different games, not too challenging but not too easy either. I don't want her to feel talked down to by something too basic OR frustrated by something too complex.

I don't live near my mom so I can't help her learn something new like Sedoku. She does have a lot of aides around (in assisted living) and my aunt lives close by. No idea whether any of these people knows Sedoku.

Can anyone name titles or series that have gone over well with loved ones like my mom? Of course everyone is different but I'd like to gather some ideas.

Thank you so much.
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PennyPress publishes a lot of "pencil and paper" puzzle magazines, both specific to one puzzle type and "assorted;" everything from crosswords to logic puzzles to Sudoku to word search. Maybe start by picking up one of their Variety Pack magazines and see which ones your mom likes? (They tend to start with easier stuff in the beginning of the magazine, building up to harder stuff towards the back, though this is more true of the single-type-of-puzzle magazines.)
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Just ordered a variety pack at PennyPress. Thanks Pandora!
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Seconding Penny Press. I do some freelance editing for them, and I think they're exactly what you're looking for.
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