A lengthy commute would be a serious bummer for an exciting move
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How long is the commute (via public transit) from Vancouver or Burnaby to Capilano College in North Vancouver?

We're moving to (North) Vancouver on May 1 for school, and looking for a place. We're finding lots of suitable places but none seem to be in North Vancouver. In order to avoid a lengthy commute in the mornings, she'd prefer to be as close to her campus (Capilano Collegein in North Van) as possible. If we have to get a place in Vancouver or Burnaby, how much of a commute is she looking at? Public transit, no car.

All we want is a sublet for the summer somewhat close to her school, considering she starts at 8 a.m. Monday to Friday she'd prefer it if there wasn't a lengthy commute.

Extra extra extra bonus points if you have any leads to places (2 bedroom, but we're adaptable) we can rent for the summer.
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Best answer: transit maps here and Google Maps Transit Planner work together to create a transit map with commute times.

Also, you can call a number from a bus stop in Vancouver, and find out the next five times that the next five buses you are waiting for will arrive, at that stop. Pretty skookum integration.
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According to the Translink site the trip from Kootney Loop (in Burnaby, at the intersection of Franklin and East Hastings) should take about 15 minutes. If your main focus is your partner's commute, looking in that area is your best bet. Renting in Vancouver can be pretty pricey but it has been a while since I have had to do it.

Not sure if this link will work correctly but it shows the route from Kootney Loop to Cap College on Google Maps.

Not sure if it is still around, but have you partner ask about a Fasttrax sticker from her student card. It allows you use a Single Zone monthly card for multi zone travel (going from Vancouver to North Van is 2 zones).
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If you can get somewhere near Kootenay Loop you are fine. Kootenay Loop - Phibbs Exchange ~15 mins, Phibbs - Cap College ~15 minutes.
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Depends on where in Burnaby or Vancouver, honestly. During rush hour, anywhere from 35 minutes to close to two hours, depending on where you are. Less if you're near a major hub like Kootenay Loop or Metrotown, more if you aren't near one, like in South Van. Morning rush hour is also nearly always faster than evening rush hour.
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I'm rather surprised you can't find a place in North Van. There seem to be plenty of listings on craigslist. It's one of the less busy available and more affordable areas in the GVRD. Try to get a place near Lonsdale Quay as that is most happening area.
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