Actionscript community site?
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Mailing list, forum, or other community for advanced actionscript coders?

Most of what I do professionally is flash actionscript coding. Pretty advanced, AS3 stuff. Occasionally I have questions that aren't answered by the usual docs and books, and I'd love to have a place to ask other people like me.

Back in the day there was the flash coders mailing list, but that appears to be dead. Does anyone know of a community site of any sort that is dedicated to discussing actionscript coding with a good signal to noise ratio?

So far Flashkit's forums are the best I've found, but I just have this suspicion I'm missing some obvious place where all the cool kids are hanging out. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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Here's a few I've found helpful:
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I like Ultrashock the best actually.
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Flash Coders is still around:

When Flash Coders went down a while ago some of the list members started up a Yahoo! group here:
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Both FlashCoders and Flash_Tiger are great recommendations. I would recommend subscribing to both, as there's not a lot of cross-posting.

(I'm the admin of the FlashCoders list, and I've done my best to ensure that it won't go down again. I bought a shiny new server for it.)

You might also find the Yahoo Flexcoders group useful. It's not focused purely on AS3, but since that's what you use with Flex, there's a decent amount of coverage.
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Response by poster: Thanks a bunch guys, good to know FlashCoders is still up and running.
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