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Help me find a cookie recipe that uses apple juice as an ingredient and results in the super bestest baked yumminess I have ever gorged myself on...

I can't remember when it was that I tried the best home made cookies I have ever tasted and I can't remember who made them or where I was or anything at all... except that apple juice was a key ingredient for sweetening the batter..

The cookies were very thin, not cakey or crumbly, and had chocolate chips...


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Are you sure it was apple juice and not applesauce that was used? I only ask because applesauce is a frequent replacement for oil in baked goods.

Also, were they chewy or crunchy?
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I'm guessing it's probably apple juice concentrate? Often used as a replacement for sweetener.
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This uses a fruit juice reduction: Mani's double chocolate chip cookies.
This one uses applesauce (I've made applesauce brownies and they are delicious, so maybe you did mistake applesauce and apple juice) Chocolate Chip Cookies
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Apple sauce is what you are looking for.... here is a good recipe.

And to top it all off an Amish version... this must be good!
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Response by poster: Aha- I think you all are right- that it was apple sauce and not apple juice that made the cookies so distinctive...

I think this explains why I was coming up with nothing in my recipe searches.

Cabingirl: they were chewy, but at the same time not too dense. Hard to explain...
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