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I'm looking for a photo of Banksy-style graffiti involving rabbits fighting each other.

I had it as my desktop image a year or two ago, and now I can't find it. I don't recall too many details, but it did somehow involve rabbits and violence. I think it was stenciled graffiti, very similar to what Banksy does. Does this image ring a bell to anyone? Know where I can find it online?

(ps - I looked through his book back in January and this image wasn't included, so that leads me to believe it might not be his)
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Possibly a step in the right direction? There's lots to sort through, many of which might be what you're after.
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Here's a lot of armed rabbits, and several examples of stenciled graffiti..
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Response by poster: i'm pretty sure they were realistic looking rabbits, rather than cartoon-y bunnies, which is probably why i failed to even think to add "bunny" to my search terms. and suedehead, that's a pretty disturbing site, and i don't know whether to be glad or sad that it's no longer being updated.
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Response by poster: upon further reflection with the boyf, he seems to recall them shooting each other, and possibly not actual rabbits but humans with rabbit ears...
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Could it be something similar to this? That person seems to think that particular stencil is by the Animal Liberation Front. Heehee, Miffy
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Response by poster: not quite, saturnine. this wasn't a "flat" stenciled imaged. it had shadows and outlines.
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