Identify this monster tale?
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I'm trying to track down something I remembered watching on television a long time ago. The only thing I can really remember is the climax of the story, which I vaguely recall was about these parents or caretakers (babysitters, perhaps) telling two young children about some kind of bogeyman. At the end, a giant arm reaches through the front door and grabs them while the children watch. I have a feeling it could have been an episode of an Outer Limits type show, or maybe a Trilogy of Terror type thing.
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Any idea how long ago this ran?
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Response by poster: I'm going to place it in the late 90s, although it could have been a rerun, or a movie aired on television.
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Oh man, you just reminded me of my favorite episode of Tales from the Crypt, where a kid is adopted by the creepy rich couple that keeps him locked up all the time, who turn out to be vampires in the end and try to drain him, but the kid turns out to be a werewolf and kills both of the vampires.
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Best answer: Yes! I'm pretty sure it was Twilight Zone. It was called something like the Grizzer, Gripper, Gimper. The grandfather sang the song For I am the Grizzer...You cannot escape me...blah blah blah....set to a famous tune.

Its arms looked like roadmaps, white, with thick veins, blue and red.

So yeah, the arms came through windows, not the door, and grabs the grandparents. Fucking awesome ending.
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Response by poster: Yeah dude, Grizzler!

I remember the arms looking really gnarly. Thanks!

Oktober reminded me of Monster Parties: Fact or fiction
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I sing that in my head at least once a week by the way.
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Response by poster: I'm having trouble finding it on this wikipedia list of episodes
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Best answer: It's from Tales of the Darkside. An episode titled Seasons of Belief. The monster's name is the Grither. Here is wikipedia's episode guide. It seems like the Sci-fi channel has Tales From the Darkside Day every week or so. I just saw this episode a few weeks ago.
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