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Ancient mac to modern PC. After two years using ClarisWorks and Quark XPress to do all my work on a Mac running OS 8.6, I'm changing jobs. I want to burn several hundred documents to CDs to bring with me. Is there a way to automatically add file extensions so my PC knows what it's looking at? Can I expect to open ClarisWorks 5.0 documents anywhere but on an ancient Mac anyhow?
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You might want to get MacLink Plus or some other conversion software and dump all the ClarisWorks files to Word format.
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another thing to try would be to sort files into folders based on file type. after copying to windows use a batch rename tool to add the appropriate extension. if there is such a thing as a mac batch rename utility, by all means use that before burning. this will totally screw your file structure, but will at least allow you to know for sure that everything in folder X needs a .doc extension or whatever.

i would definitely convert clarisworks to word before copying over, too...
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My OS 8.6 memories are now hazy, but I think you might want something like A Better Finder Rename to handle adding the proper document extensions to your files. You might have to dig around to find the pre-OS X version.

Also, regarding cmonkey's comment, MacLink Plus came pre-installed on a lot of older Macs so you might want to check around your office in case anyone already has a copy.
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I did a similar move, long ago. I bought ClarisWorks for PC. It opened all my old Mac Clarisworks files without a single conversion error (not a surprise, given that technically it wasn't converting file formats). Look on eBay.
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I'd go with CLF's method, but to simplify it a little, I don't think you'd need a batch tool, just use something like:

ren *. *.doc

At the command line
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I second A Better Finder Rename. The trial version will only convert ~20 files at a time, but it's still better than trying to do it by hand.
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