Where to buy the abracadabra bookmark?
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I want to buy this abracadabra bookmark. Where can I?

I tried googling it, unsuccessfully.
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Have you tried emailing the designers?
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By the look of it, it's still just a concept and hasn't gone into commercial production. That it won the 2007 red dot award for design concept seems to confirm this.

Best bet is to email them as iconomy said and/or bookmark the designers' websites and check in regularly for any changes.
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I've found that most things on Yanko Design are varying degrees of imaginary, some never to exist, some not for a long time. It probably doesn't exist yet, if ever.
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That's frustrating. They should really sell this stuff, especially when it wins awards.
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Most of these designs are the imaginations of undergraduate and graduate design students. Going from a drawing to actual production is a huge endeavor. Most will never make it that far because there isn't enough interest or it's just not commercially/practically feasible.

For example, with the bookmark you linked above, the designers would have to research what actual materials and paint to use in the bookmark, find a manufacturer who can make it, find an investor to pay for the upfront manufacturing costs, find retailers to sell it, stir up interest from people who will buy it, and do this all at a price that people are willing to pay that won't bankrupt them and their investor and piss off retailers. Since this would be a manufactured item (as opposed to a handmade item), they would have to sell thousands of units at a high price just to break even. When you consider that bookmarks are normally free, it would be hard to expect thousands of people to pay $20 or $30 for a few bookmarks.
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One of the commenters in that blog also point out that the concept is fundamentally flawed. For the bookmark to inflate, a significant amount of pressure would have to be applied to the gun "bubble" to inflate the flower "bubble." The edge of a book where this bookmark is placed would have the least amount of pressure applied. So the bookmark wouldn't inflate because there wouldn't be enough pressure to squeeze the air from one pocket to the other. At best, it might work if you used it hold your place in an encyclopedia, coffee table book, or phone book but certainly not with a paperbook or standard sized book.
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