Help me delete group photo names from this damnable program!
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How can I delete picture group names from MS Scanner and Camera Wizard?

I use MS Scanner and Camera Wizard to move photos from my digital camera to my hard drive (thusly). (Windows XP). At the bottom of that page I've linked to, there is a screen shot of the dialog box where you enter a name for the group of pictures, select a destination, etc.

Here's the thing - how can I get rid of some of the group names I've used in the past from that first drop down box? Say I once used "Grapefruit" and don't want that to show up anymore in the drop down - how can I get rid of it? Can I get rid of it??
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Well, it's certainly annoying, but I think I found a way, if you're comfortable editing your registry.

I'm going to pretend like you are - if you're not, you should ask someone more knowledgeable to help you with these steps.

1. Run regedit
2. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WIA\WiaAcquisitionManager
3. Look for RootFileNameMru - you'll see your list of group names next to it.
4. Right click on RootFileNameMru and choose Modify
5. You'll get a box with all your group names. Delete as you like.
6. Click OK to exit the Modify screen
7. Exit regedit
8. Run the wizard and enjoy your newly empty group name dropdown.

It's probably not worth the trouble, unless you've named something in an extremely incriminating or embarrassing manner.
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Response by poster: unless you've named something in an extremely incriminating or embarrassing manner.

Indeed, tis the case. Many many thanks.
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