Tranferring game (NHL) data from Xbox 360 to PS3?
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This is probably a dumb question to which I already know the answer, but: is it at all possible to transfer an NHL 08 (EA) season from an Xbox 360 to a Playstation3?
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I think the save files could be equivalent. With all the multiplatform development that's going on these days, I would be surprised if EA didn't standardize on save file formats.

I don't know anything about console development, though, and it might be that Sony/MS offer some sort of save-file API to make save files easier to work with (ala Apple + plists) which would make this not work. There are also a zillion other reasons why it wouldn't work out of the box, but a crazy dedicated software person might be able to massage it into shape by reverse engineering the formats.

If it were possible to convert them, you'd also have to get the save file off. Something like this might work for that. Not sure how it works with the 360, but it's gotta be possible since the 360 has USB ports. You might even be able to plug in a correctly formatted memory stick and have it just work.

Bottom line: this will be hard best case, impossible worst case. If you have access (or are yourself) a badass developer you'll increase your chances substantially, but it will still be a major challenge.
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