How do we fix this?
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PersonalBankingFiascoFilter: My gf's bank didn't stop a payment they said they would. Details and [more inside]:

My gf has a economic hardship deferment, but the DOE treasury still sent a debit to her bank. She called the DOE, but they couldn't stop the transaction, and advised her to tell her bank to stop payment. They gave her the exact details of the transaction. She called the bank, they confirmed the details and said the transaction would be stopped.

Today, we go to the bank to deposit her paycheck, and the balance is negative, very negative. So she calls the bank back and they explain that since the transaction was for an amount that differed from the amount she specified by $.05 they let the transaction through. They claimed that they can now do nothing about it.

Hope me, Hivemind.
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Response by poster: What can we do about this, is there a way to recover the money?
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you're going to have to complain more. something like this happened to me, and it took a lot bitching, and 3-5 days, before it got all straightened out. it is kind of odd that the debit was different, though. are you sure she had the numbers right?

anyway, call the bank again, and tell them that this is their error, and that they need to fix it. when they tell you they can't do anything, ask for someone who can.
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Response by poster: She told the bank what the amount was, which was on the letter that the DOE sent her, the amount they actually debited was $.05 more than what was on the letter.

So, we should just go to the bank and show them all the paperwork that we have, and complain until they fix it?
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After all this is resolved, hopefully in your favor - please, please, please check out a Credit Union in your area. CUs are built to help, enrich, and protect you - not the bank.
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