SEATTLE: Suggest mattress stores
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We are looking to comparison shop mattresses in Seattle or the surrounding area. Not so concerned about price right now; what we want are as many quality mattresses as possible to lay down on and try out. Where would we find the broadest range of quality mattresses? We are looking at the medium to high end price range. Secondarily, where to go for the best prices on said mattresses? Thanks!
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When it comes to price shopping don't forget to look into some discount furniture stores. They often can beat the prices of dedicated mattress stores. The trick is making sure it is exactly the same mattress.
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I found this to be a really handy resource!: an entire mattress forum.
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IIRC, Macy's Home store in Bellevue square has a lot of mattresses.
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I got a good deal on a very nice mattress set at the Kirkland Costco Home store. They have several to try out, and if you're a Costco member, you get a coupon book now and then that gives an additional discount on already quite good prices.
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Not one mention of Sleep Country? We got ours there for a good price. They can be pushy, but just go in with your eyes open.

And, of course, if you're not picky about color....
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