Best of public domain games
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I'm looking for recommendations on gpl'd or public domain card games and role playing games. Which ones are easiest to learn and the most fun?
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Werewolf/Mafia, there are about a million variations and it's easy to pick up.
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There's also 1000 Blank White Cards, which is pretty awesome.

Mao is not *exactly* what I would call easy to learn, but oh man is it fun.
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Battle for Wesnoth.
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There's an open-source card game based on Jonathan Coulton's song "Code Monkey". No idea if it's good, but I'm curious to find out.

If you're willing to venture in to board games, BoardGameGeek has a huge list of games that are free to print-and-play (note, though, free != public domain).
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Response by poster: Some good answers so far. Thank you.
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Maybe this resource would help? I haven't looked carefully at it but it was an answer to a previous similar question.
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