Good ASP.Net blogs?
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What should I be reading? I'm an ASP.Net / SQL developer.

So here's the deal. I work as a developer doing ASP.Net web apps, a mix of CRM type systems and public-facing sites. (There's a smattering of ASP legacy applications and VB.Net Windows apps, but mostly modern ASP.Net.) I'm interested in reading blogs and / or regularly updated sites that talk about things we could be doing better. This could include ASP.Net, general web development, web design, databases etc. Any good recommendations?
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Best answer: Here's a couple I check daily:
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Coding Horror isn't .NET specific but worth a read.
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ScottGu knows what he's doing.
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my list contains a lot of duplicates but it does contain link to the authors respective homepages.

john lam's blog -
rob conery's blog -
scott hanselman's blog -
scott gu's blog -
phil haack blog -

if you are interested in using the new mvc framework you may want to check out
MvcContrib newsfeed -

if you use resharper you should supbsrbie to
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If you don't mind "drinking from the fireshose", then the combined feed at is a great resource. It's far too much for me to keep up with, so I just cherry-pick from the feed from time to time. I've found some great stuff, and I've subscribed to several of the indivdual feeds after reading their posts in that feed.
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