Cool accessories for a dude
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I'm looking for cool accessories.

I'm a 29 y/o guy. I'm looking for fashion accessories that are interesting and unique, but not very outlandish. A little outlandish is okay. Or websites that sell such things.

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just get a watch and some shoes that are awesome and suit your taste. check out uncrate to start your search.
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Etsy is my go-to place for unique accessories. Check out their men's accessories section.
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Don't know if by accessories you mean cufflinks & ties or something a little less trad.

Ola Gorie has some interesting cufflinks, if that's your thing. Click through to the shop. The ones on the site now are pretty trad, but they have some interesting ones. Got my husband some sterling silver ones shaped like a Viking longship that are very cool without being too "look at me" - they relist that design every so often.

Ties... hmm... have to ask Mr. Grrlscout about that one when he wakes up (if you're interested).
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1. Zappos for shoes. I'm a fan of monk strap oxfords and pointed-toe shoes but you should go with what fits your style.
2. A proper slim black/brown leather wallet. Keep the contents thin so it looks neat. Take out old receipts, unused credit cards, useless club cards. I have a Slimmy.
3. A watch. I'm not a fan of metal straps so I switch off between this Kenneth Cole watch and this very unique Alessi watch designed by Ron Arad.

Personally, I don't think guys should wear too many accessories. Proper fitting clothes of good quality should be all you need along with a nice watch and good shoes. Money well spent will be apparent when you put all the items together.
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Ditto Etsy - check out Cyberoptix TieLab for gorgeous ties.
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Nixon watches. I recently bought the Rotolog and have received numerous compliments on it.
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Nthing Etsy and Uncrate. I've also had a lot of comments from people about my watch from Neves - the band is made out of a tie, and I've yet to encounter anyone else with one. It's damn comfortable, and a nice way to casual-ify an outfit.
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I wouldn't necessarily look for a something outlandish in an accessory. Sometimes if I want to draw attention to an accessory such as a nice scarf, belt, tie, or cuff links, I will dress mostly in black or very muted solid colors and wear a brightly patterned scarf. People who noticed clothes will notice the intention. My other favorite move is to wear black pants, black jacket, black shoes, plain white shirt with french cuffs (no tie!) with these amazing green stone and silver cuff links. People always notice this and I can't talk to anyone without them complimenting this look. It is important that you wear only one extravagant accessory and not all of them at once or else you look like you are saying "look at me" I love checking the Satorialist for creative details. Best accessory ever for casual dress: I saw on the Satorialist someone used a cheap blue paisley handkerchief as a pocket square. Brilliant. Be creative, but only do it in one place at one time.

A cool watch is ok IMO. All of my watches are VERY plain but nice. I think an overstated watch is a little... meh especially in a professional setting. For a more casual look I say go for it.
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Versani has pricey but amazing men's jewelry. I'd go for a bracelet - my SO wears one all the time and gets lots of complements. I personally like this one.
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You should check out if you haven't already, they have some pretty unique watches. The PIMP watches are pretty cool i've seen them in person, and I personally own the Kyokusen watch. Prices are reasonable considering they are based in Japan and customer service is helpful.
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Sorry the link didn't show up,
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