restore SMC switch to default
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Does anyone know how to reset a SMC 8624T switch to factory settings?

I have a SMC 8624T tigar switchs that I don't know the password, and the admin that set it up in no longer available. We called SMC and they want us to ship it back to them, but that seems absurd to me. Plus we need to use it now.
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Get the management manual here. You should be able to connect right up via the serial console to change the password. If that doesn't work, the manual has the relevant info.
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Best answer: I actually read through the manual - the specific are in Appendix A Troubleshooting.
Hook up via serial, CTRL-F when boot msg appears and you'll be presented with options (one of which is to reset to factory defaults)
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(If you aren't familiar with serial connectivity, the manual has a fairly thorough guide. Most important will be the serial cable. If you don't have one on hand, you can pick one up for <$10).
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I'm reading a version 2 of the manual (caution, large PDF), and Appendix B Troubleshooting basically says you're SOL:

Forgot or lost the password: Contact SMC Technical Support for help.

Hopefully Cat Pie's way works. :-\
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Response by poster: sweet!, thanks Cat Pie, I had found the manual but there was only one version of it and it said what hobbes mentioned " call SMC".

But the V1 had the info I was looking for, worked like a charm.

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