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My 1994 Honda Accord's cooling fan won't turn off after I turn the car off. However, if I remove the cooling fan fuse, the fan will shut off. The fuse does not appear to be blown. When I put the fuse back in, it sparks like a mad mo'fo' and the cooling fan turns back on. Any ideas what the problem is and how much it'de run me for a repair or is there a quick fix for it?
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my old '84 accord would do that to cool down after long drives. i think it's a feature, rather than a bug.
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In cars with an electric cooling fan (as opposed to having the fan driven by a belt off of the engine), the fan comes on when the coolant is hot, and shuts off when the coolant is cool. It operates whether or not the engine is running. If the fan doesn't turn off after five or ten minutes, then you have a short in the fan circuit. Shorts are generally pretty cheap to fix, but may take many hours of labor to find. I'd guess that if you do have a problem, it's going to be a pretty cheap fix since the coolant fan circuit is pretty basic.
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Response by poster: I've been told that, too, but I'm talking hours between when I turn the car off and the fan won't shut off untill I pull the fuse.
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Well, I'd check the switch first. The fan switch is usually screwed into the back of the radiatior, and has two wires running to it. With the car cool and the fan still running, pull the wires off the switch and the fan should stop. Check the continuity across the switch; if the two terminals are shorted then the switch is bad. Drain the coolant, replace the switch, re-fill the coolant. It's a fairly inexpensive part.
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i had this in my old ford fiesta, except my fan was stuck in the off position. it turned out that my thermostat was faulty - it's a piece of spherical metal that expands with the water in your radiator as it gets hot and then makes a connection that lets the fan run.

if your thermostat was faulty, stuck permanently in the 'on' postion, it would do just this. and the sparking could just be the fact that you're allowing current to run again.

if this is the case for you, it was relatively cheap for me to fix. like, $30 or so equivalent.
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Response by poster: Got it fixed with some MeFi advice. Thanks all!
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Response by poster: The relay switch- it caused the cooling fan to remain on unless I removed the fuse. I actually found someone in my apartment complex to fix it although I couldn't tell you what they did, though I have a new best friend =)
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