How to grab a soon-to-expire domain name?
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What is the best way to snag a soon-to-expire domain name?

[myname].com is registered by a company. It currently redirects to that company's web page (a different domain name.) It was registered in 2000, and the registration is set to expire this year.

I've e-mailed the registrant but have not received a response. What would be the best way to go about snagging this domain?
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Best answer: How to snatch an expiring domain.
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That article Dasein linked looks pretty good, but I wouldn't necessarily bet on the owner letting it expire. I've often waited until the last minute to renew my domain names.
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It was registered in 2000, and the registration is set to expire this year.

Do you mean very soon? Most people pay for domain registration one year at a time (most especially people with multiple domain names), so very nearly all domain names are set to expire this year.
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Best answer: I doubt you'll have luck in this case. It looks like you share a name with the owner of the company and looking at the whois info, it seems like he's been re-registering it every May (it was created in May and updated last May).
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If it is not a domain name that is likely to be commercially valuable, you could just wait until it is available. I wanted to register a .com domain in my son's name, but it was taken so I took the .org and .net domains. When the .com expired and became available, it was picked up by some outfit in Texas which tried to sell it to me for $250. I said no, so they lowered the price to $50, which was still silly. After the 5 day tasting period, they dropped it. It was then picked up by a Russian company. They kited it for about two weeks, then dropped it. Next, some Australian group picked it up for a few days. After all that, it was dropped and I picked it right up.

I think this would only work if it is not a name that would generate advertising revenue, or that no one else really had a use for. Also, domain tasting is supposed to be stopped sometime soon, so I don't know what the chances of companies picking it up then will be.
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