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How do I get Blogger to show more than 20 posts with the same label?

I suspect this is a simple question, but I searched through Blogger Help and couldn't figure it out.

I have a family recipe blog that uses Blogger. I've set it up to show all the labels automatically on the front page. It automatically tells me how many recipes (posts) I've tagged with each label, for example: "Chocolate: 10."

But for the labels that are used more than 20 times, I run into trouble. The automatic list says, for example, "Main courses: 36." But when I click on that label, only 20 are shown.

Is there any way to get it to show all 36? Or a workaround? I've tried tagging my newest posts all with "new," but that's not really what I want.

I thought I read somewhere that this was a known bug that would be fixed, but I'm sure that was over a year ago.

Thanks for any help.
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Since your question is lonely, I'll try answering with my very limited Blogger skills.

Are you asking how to show everything on one page? Because at the bottom of those 20 posts should be the following:

Newer Posts ------ Home ------- Older Posts

and clicking Older Posts would show the remaining 16. To show everything on one page automatically... I'm not sure. I know you can hack the URL though like this category on your homepage:

The "max-results" string of the URL controls how many that are shown. By adding "?max-results=X" to the end of a label page you can raise the limit from 20. I am not sure how to rig Blogger to force higher max results from the Labels widget though, sorry.
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Thank you for this, Long December, as it solved a problem I had trying to put together a post to the blue! Of course, I had already extracted some 50+ links, but hey...
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Thank you! I actually didn't realize that OLDER POSTS would still only show posts with the label I was looking for, and will try the other hack, too.
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