Claritin makes me clumsy.
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Claritin makes me clumsy. Any recommendations?

I've had seasonal allergies all my life. When I was young, they were really terrible, but they calmed down as I got older. I usually only feel the need to take medication a couple days of the year when I feel particularly miserable. I usually take Claritin or a loratadine generic, since it's the only drug I remember from my childhood that worked without turning me into a zombie (also doesn't hurt that it's available over the counter). The problem is that Claritin seems to mess with my body awareness and dexterity/coordination in a subtle way that makes it hard for me to clip rope through carabiners and place my feet with precision while I'm rock climbing. I would describe the sensation as "uncentered" and clumsy. I don't notice these effects while doing more mundane things.

I assume that this effect is due to the fact that some loratadine still crosses the blood-brain barrier, but not enough to completely knock me on my ass like old-school antihistamines (Benadryl, I'm looking at you).

My allergies usually manifest as congestion/snot/sneezing and sometimes itchy eyes. The congestion and snot make me miserable; I can usually deal with the itchy eyes. Any suggestions as to what I can do to get rid of (at least) the congestion without making me drowsy or uncoordinated?
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Claritin does that to me too. Zyrtec is available over the counter now and doesn't.
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Oh I know this. I actually get this from Zyrtec, too, but it's not nearly as bad.
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Ugh, I feel your pain. It makes me grumpy and clumsy. My solution now is to not take any AHs except for Aerius (desloratidine) on those days when I can't live without it. I use it in combination with Visine allergy eye drops and it makes life pretty much bearable without terrible side effects.
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I like flonase. Feels weird for 5 minutes but after that it works great w/o any side effects.
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Best answer: Nasal steroids all the way. Flonase may do the trick--generic is typically cheaper and is typically tier one on a tiered insurance plan. There are other steroids to try if you experience undesirable symptoms--unlikely. Steroids sound scary to some folks but this is a tiny topical amount applied directly to your nasal tissue and for the symptoms you describe I would expect great results. You also should use ocean spray or generic/homemade saline to hydrate your nasal passages occasionally, and should research neti pots or other nasal irrigation methods. But above all, ask your doctor. That's just what mine told me...
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Seconding lordaych. Go to an ear nose throat doctor. I used to take Claritin D every day as well but it worked maybe 60-70%. My doctor put me on a nasal steroid spray (Astellin) and it works a lot better for me.
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Claritin never worked for me at all. Zyrtec is my compadre in the pursuit of the dry nostril. (One day, I will possess you dry nostril!)

If both of those medications give you problems, then I'd suggest Astelin. Astelin tastes yucky, but it really does work well. A minor correction to the comment above - Astelin is steroid free. It's a nasal antihistamine.

When I a super drippy snotty mess, I take a child's dose of old school Benedryl along with my Zyrtec. A full Benedryl is nap inducing, but the child's dose gets the job done without causing me problems.
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I was very dopey on Claritin, so I only take Allegra generics.
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Response by poster: An update, for those who care:

Zyrtec didn't really work well for me. It didn't make me as uncoordinated, but it was also a lot less effective than Claritin.

My doctor gave me a prescription for Nasonex, a nasal steroid spray, and my allergy problems have been solved.
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