Playing MPG1 on DVD player from DVD-R?
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MPG1 + DVD-R = ???

Preferably, something I can play on my console DVD player.
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You just blew my mind. I... I don't know. Presumably, if your DVD player can handle a regular VCD, it could do what you ask. However, why not just burn a DVD, with the MPEG2 (I think?) that standard DVDs use? I would LOVE to hear the answer to this question.
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It's just called a DVD-VCD. Read instructions here. There are some issues to keep in mind (48kHz sampling rate, for instance). You'd be better off just converting it to MPEG-2, though, since the quality is better and your DVD, by definition, will support it.
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Well, if you're converting from MPEG1 the quality won't be any better. But it would probably still be more straightforward getting the player to play the thing regardless.
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Converting Mpeg 1 to Mpeg 2 is very easy, use Nero Burning ROM 6.+. Morality aside, you can download the entire version with Mpeg 2 plug in here(bittorrent). Otherwise, if you can afford it, buy the damn thing.
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MPEG1 video at 352 x 240 pixels (NTSC) or 352 x 288 pixels (PAL) are compression/resolution combinations natively supported by the DVD format (see DVD spec here). So long as your MPEG1 video file is at one of the above resolutions and the proper frame rate (see spec), you need only burn the file(s) with your favorite DVD burning application. No conversion should be necessary.
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correction: if your source is VCD you'd need to convert the audio stream of the MPEG1 video from 44100 Hz to 48000 Hz for the disc to be DVD spec compliant. This is a pretty easy process with TMPGEnc (demultiplex --> convert audio --> remultiplex). However, many DVD players have no problem playing 44100 Hz audio.
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You're up against a silly, unnecessary drawback of most current disk players, scarabic. I know you're looking for a solution, not a bellyache, but... there's no reason that all disk players shouldn't play redbook AIF (audio CD), and MPG1, 2 and 3. Those VCD players that require all these hidden folders and .dat files and the disk are idiotic. The machines should just scan the disk for the format sufixes and play whatever is there. And the fancy versions should give you a menu (on the TV monitor) with a file listing of the disk.

These sensible players have been cheap and ubiquitous in southeast Asia for years, since the majority of the population is perfectly satisfied with MPG1 and can therefore buy VDCs for about 2 bucks each. The only reason they don't sell them here, (I imagine, bitterly) is that people would stop spending $30 for DVDs.

Okay, back to the helpful people.
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The only reason they don't sell them here, (I imagine, bitterly) is that people would stop spending $30 for DVDs.


...any movie in North America that sells for under $5 is either public domain or pirated. Give or take. :-]
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You'll lose quality converting from MPEG1 to MPEG2, surely..
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Yeah, the point is not to convert to MPG2 but to burn MPG1 conveniently. I have some things to try here.... thanks! :)
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A DVD is a collection of files named .VOB which are actually MPEG-2 system streams at a specific resolution and frame rate, with synchronized audio at a specific sample rate.

If you're contemplating building disks to DVD standard but with .VOB files containing CVD/SVCD standard MPEG files, I don't know if that would work -- I suspect it's player dependent.

If you instead mean building things with not only the stream format of VCD/SVCDs but also their *volume* format, and then burning them onto DVD blanks, I suspect that would be similarly player-dependent... but I also think it would be slightly more likely to work.
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