Another Canadian pharmacy question.
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Anyone have any experience with

Anyone have any experience with They have some freaking GREAT prices on several of the scripts I take, but I don't want to get scammed or get placebos or something. All I can seem to find online is a bunch of spammy advertising stuff.

I have ordered from Canadian pharmacies before, but NWP has their prices beat by a mile...

Good or bad stories welcome.
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It doesn't appear to exist anymore? I just get a fake IE page.
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Response by poster: really? i don't have that problem on IE or firefox.
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Yes, I get the same fake IE page (a pretend 404 message, sort of weird and faintly deceptive).

My reflex reaction, based on that screen plus the secret domain record and hidden owners, is RUN AWAY. It sets off my scam alarm. But then again, lots of online pharmacies are sort of creepy-shady looking. I dug around a bit, curious, and wow what a world. Even the sites that are directories of shady pharmacies look dodgy. Hell, if you look online to try to find some sort of reputation/reviews/screening of them, you end up in a black-hat SEO hell full of the pharmacies promoting themselves via other fake-looking websites. The whole industry seems to attract the worst kinds of entrepreneur, wow.

Sorry, editorializing. But yes, on topic: the site does not work, and fails in a fishy way.
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i at least was able to get onto the site, and noted in their FAQ that they don't sell controlled substances like vicodin and valium etc. just point of note. followed your link, using firefox.
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