Book Where Teens Trained in Labyrinth to Be Mean/Violent for Food?
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I too remember a book from when I was about 12-13. A group of teenagers are put into this 3D labrynth and are fed by a machine that lights up and some how gets the point across that they must be meaner and meaner and more violent towards each other to get food out of the machine. Over time, they become very violent as the machine teaches them that's what they need to do to get food. The end is this boy's reflection on what happened once he's figured out he was part of an experiment. Any ideas the name of the book?
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House of Stairs, by William Sleator.
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Named after the Escher illustration, no doubt.
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Dude, I just mentioned that book like ten threads over. Woah.
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William Sleator has written some incredible juvenile fiction, with very unusual subjects. Does anyone know of any similar fiction authors that would appeal to an adult reader?
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Dude! Like three weeks ago I bought that from Amazon, and read it on the train in a day. That one certainly made an impression on me when I was a wee one.
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I still have nightmares about that book.
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William Sleator has written some incredible juvenile fiction

Heh. At first I read that as "incredibly juvenile fiction."
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A very sweet book, I'd also recommend by the same author: "others see us" and the "boy who reversed himself" as books I read during middle school some 8 years ago and can still remember clearly.
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Wow. I remember that book from when I was a kid, and now I'm going to have to find a ciopy. Glad you mentioned this.
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Sleator's The Green Futures of Tycho is also pretty great.
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Response by poster: Thanks all. Its crazy that it affected you all too. I thought I wouldn't get any response for this one...
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Whoa! Sleator wrote Green Futures of Tycho? Instant respect.
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