Meeting Hugh Jackman
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My friend is going to be in NYC soon to see "The Boy from Oz". Hugh Jackman does something of a meet-n-greet and she'd like to give him something nice and memorable to thank him for, y'know, doing his craft and whatnot. We've already pretty much ruled out a kiss on the cheek, but what would you suggest for her to do/give?
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He is very happily married... perhaps a little something for his wife, for being so supportive?
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I don't know about a gift for his wife. I have friend who plays guitar for a certain established singer/song writer and he gets gifts from fans (despite being a hired gun). Sometimes a fan wants to give something to his daughter and it kind of freaks him out. He just won't accept it—he has a hard enough time accepting gifts for himself.

I could be wrong, but I think most celebrities want to shield their families from fans, wether they're bearing gifts or not.
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That's fair, BT.

I figured that since it was coming from a woman, it might seem like a lovely thought, rather than something stalkerly.
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Good point. If it was a unique enough gift it could work.
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Unless someone does something especially for ME, I see no point in giving them a gift. Think about it - you don't give your garbage man a fruit basket, you don't give construction workers a teddy bear for their kids. These people get paid to do what they do. If they go out of their way to provide excellent service to you, of course it would be nice to show your appreciation. But it seems that actors get so much attention and money, they really don't need anything else from us poor schmucks that can barely make ends meet. If you want to show your appreciation, find out what charities your favorite celebrity is involved with and make a donation. I'm sure they'd be happy to hear that they inspired someone to do that, rather than be put in an awkward position of accepting an unwanted gift from a fan.
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Even better idea, MsVader.
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