A little sudoku help
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A little help w/ this sudoku puzzle?

Each train ride I try again but the numbers have stopped making sense. Maybe just point me in the right direction...
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There's a couple few 4s you can plot in, in the top right hand square, and the top middle square. . .
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With a little searching, I found this:


It succesffuly solves the puzzle you provided.

It has a "step by step" mode (http://www.sudokusolver.co.uk/step.html), which you could use if you just want it to give you a few clues.
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Here's another solver with a step-by-step mode.

(muteh: the problem, unfortunately, is that I copied the wrong completed puzzle. Maybe it's just as well, though, since it sounds like cgs just wanted a little hint.)
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Response by poster: uggghhhh.... how could i miss the 4's? top, middle, then top, right.

the brain energy i was spending grinding through the other areas when it is right there...

ok... thanks askmefi!
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...and here's how to solve every sudoku puzzle in 100 lines of Python. You can use the printboard() function to get really robust hints (or complete solutions).
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