Looking for an old text-based RPG magical game.
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I'm trying to find an old computer game that we used to play in school (probably around late 80s). It was a text based RPG with puzzles and magical items.

Here is what I remember about it;

* The game was text based but colored even though the graphics was somewhat primitive.
* The bottom 1/4 (or 1/5) of the screen was where the text of the story was. The rest was a pixel drawing of a scene. It wasn't animated either.
* It was story based (old rpg probably..) with items, and puzzles.
* I remember the scenes including a forest, and magical items.
* I'm not quite sure if there was a wizard in the game, or a castle or a princess, but it was very fantasy-like.

I've done some research, and found "Enchanted Forest", but I know it isn't that for sure, there weren't any attributes to the character you played (not that I remember..) Any input would be much appreciated, thanks!
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King's Quest?
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You might want to go to Moby games and put in the platform and guess the year if you can. That might get you closer.
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You could try mudmagic.com- but if you're looking for old MUDs, this is a good one.
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Could it have been one of the "S.A.G.A." graphical versions of the old Scott Adams adventures?
(Couldn't find a screenshot anywhere).

Descriptions of all the games here (although I couldn't find any screenshots of the graphical versions).
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Was it perhaps one of the early Ultima games? The first two or three had a screen like the one you describe, with text at the bottom and basic graphics above.
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How about the Secret Island of Dr. Quandary? I used to love that game.
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Wizard and the Princess, by Sierra Online (1980). Also known as Adventure in Serenia. First colour graphic adventure game ever.
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There's also a whole world of primitive Apple II text / graphic adventures put out by Penguin Soft, but you didn't mention how pixely the graphics were.
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The Pawn?
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Twin Kingdom Valley? Mid-eighties, UK, and astonishing in its day. Lots of pukey colour mixing and scenes built from slow-rendered circles. Gameplay. Making of.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone for your input, I'm sure it is one of them. I haven't checked out all the links yet, but I'll do that now!
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By the way, if you happen to remember the type of computer you were using (Mac, PC, Commodore, Atari, etc), that would help narrow the choices down a bit.
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Oh hey, since your tags include "DOS Game," I should take that as a hint of what the game was on!
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